TILT Brass Band

featuring Anthony Coleman


Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

8:00 pm, $10

Tonic | 109 Norfolk Street, NYC |

TILT @ Tonic

Taylor Haskins, Charles Porter, Nate Wooley  (trumpet); Greg Evans, Mark Taylor (French, others);  Joe Fiedler, Chris McIntyre (trombone); Jacob Garchik (bass trombone); Ron Caswell (tuba);  Kevin Norton (percussion); Anthony Coleman (piano)


On Wednesday, November 30, the brass collective TILT convenes at Tonic for an evening of new and challenging works. The program includes premieres from New York Noise pioneer Anthony Coleman and co-leader Chris McIntyre, a piece written for the group by TILTıs acclaimed percussionist Kevin Norton, and a tone? a note? anto-e?, a conceptual reading of Iannis Xenakisı Eonta  featuring Coleman on piano.


Mr. Coleman's new work, entitled Set Into Motion, was created with the specific instruments and aesthetic of TILT in mind. A typically Colemanian amalgam of influences, including Gil Evans, Gustav Mahler, and ongo music from the Central African Republic, the work is a fantasy on associations with brass instruments.


McIntyreıs new work Stitch No.2 is a continuation of a limited improvisation technique he began with TILT in his work Segantini Stitch, and developed further in a recent composition for seven trombones titled stuplimity no.1. The ³Segantini stitch² is a painterly, crosshatched brush stroke epitomized by artists such as Van Gogh. McIntyre creates a musically analogous ³stitch² with seamlessly shifting moments of notated and improvised quasi-canonic textures.


Premiered by TILT at Joeıs Pub in October 2003, percussionist Kevin Norton's Folk Medicine is a meditative yet dynamic work that draws from the composed/improvised concepts developed in the composers Framework trio with cellist Eric Friedlander and violinist Laura Seaton, Philip Johnstonıs Big Trouble band, and various other projects throughout his illustrious career in experimental music.


In Colemanıs words, a tone? a note? anto-e? is a ³gutbucket free reading of some moments out of Iannis Xenakis' great work for Piano and Brass Instruments, Eonta.² The work is part of Colemanıs series Dissections and Reductio ad Absurdii of Great Musical Masterpieces, which includes The Great Nine (Schubertıs Symphony No.9) and La Monteıs Nightmare (The Well-Tuned Piano as Top 40 pop music).


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