Lea Bertucci Performance

Inspired by the Calder / Kelly exhibition, composer Lea Bertucci was commissioned to create an immersive spatial music composition utilizing the natural acoustics and highly resonant spaces of our landmark building for the TILT Brass ensemble. The piece titled 'Vertical Motion', drew on Calder’s palpable transformation of space and Kelly’s distillation of natural forms into their purest abstraction, as the musicians spread across three floors of the gallery, passed tones up and down the stairs in quiet meditation and swells of dynamic reverberation..#LevyGorvy #CalderKelly #AlexanderCalder #EllsworthKelly #LeaBertucci #TILTBrass #LGsalon.All Alexander Calder artworks © 2018 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Courtesy Calder Foundation, New York. @calderfoundationAll Ellsworth Kelly artworks © Ellsworth Kelly Foundation. Courtesy Ellsworth Kelly Studio.Composed by Lea Bertucci @lilbertucciPerformed by TILT Brass Ensemble @tiltbrassCurated by Brett Sroka @srokasonic

Posted by Lévy Gorvy on Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Excerpt of TILT Brass playing Lea Bertucci‘s Vertical Motion for brass octet
within Lévy Gorvy Gallery‘s Calder/Kelly exhibit, 11/28/18

TILT Brass Sextet at Naval Cemetery Landscape, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Led by composer, trombonist, and concert producer Chris McIntyre, TILT Brass is a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to creating new content and contexts for contemporary brass music by producing inventive concert programs, recording projects, and commissioning initiatives. Since 2003, TILT has been at the forefront of presenting new brass music in New York City. Founded by McIntyre and and Gregory Evans, TILT Brass’ various projects present the work of living composers with over 50 premiere performances thus far. Its personnel includes many of the brightest stars from the local brass community in ensemble configurations ranging from solo and chamber groups to experimental brass orchestra. TILT can be heard on releases by the Tzadik, New World, Non-Site, and POTTR labels. [more]

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“As typecasting goes, brass instruments have been assigned some of the juicier roles in music. But a new generation of players and composers is redefining the repertory and experimenting with different modes of expression. TILT Brass… [is] a force in this movement, dedicating itself to commissioning and performing new music for brass.”NY Times logo

TILT Brass with Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain, May 2017
[by M. Morissette]

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