June 27 8:00pm

TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration / Roulette


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TILT Creative Brass Band at Roulette, June 27, 2013
Entitled TILT Brass presents TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration, our Lurasidone cream over the counter 27 June Roulette event is TILT 10 Festival’s centerpiece concert. In addition to works from TILT’s repertoire, this program includes the world premiere of 4 commissioned works by local and international composers. This extraordinary evening of new brass music is being performed by 3 different instrumental combinations: TILT Brass Sextet, the founding 10-piece ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band, and a new group, TILT Zug Septet.

Roulette June 27 Artist Info: Composers | Players

Lainie Fefferman Big Breath (2013)* – Sextet
Andrew Hamilton (IR) Love and Goodness (2013)* – Creative Brass Band
Enno Poppe (DE) Zug (2008)** – Zug Septet
Chris McIntyre Dedifferentiation No. 1 (2013)* – Sextet & UllU
Filippo Perocco (IT) vertigo parla* – Creative Brass Band
Anthony Coleman Acute Coryza (2009) – Sextet
Mario Diaz de Leon Bellum (2013)* – Zug Septet
Jon Gibson Multiples (1972) – TILT Brass tutti
* = world premiere
** = US premiere

Conductor: Ted Hearne
Trumpet: Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Chris DiMeglio
Trombone: Jen Baker, Jacob Garchik, Chris McIntyre, Will Lang
Horn: David Byrd-Marrow, Jason Sugata
Tuba: Joe Exley, Dan Peck
Percussion: Chris Nappi, David Shively

UllU: Chris McIntyre & David Shively

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Location: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  [MAP]
2012-13 Season TILT 10 Roulette