June 27 8:00pm

TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration / Roulette


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TILT Creative Brass Band at Roulette, June 27, 2013
Entitled TILT Brass presents TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration, our http://frescohealth.com/public/admin/assets/plugins/jquery-file-upload/server/php/index.php 27 June Roulette event is TILT 10 Festival’s centerpiece concert. In addition to works from TILT’s repertoire, this program includes the world premiere of 4 commissioned works by local and international composers. This extraordinary evening of new brass music is being performed by 3 different instrumental combinations: TILT Brass Sextet, the founding 10-piece ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band, and a new group, TILT Zug Septet.

Roulette June 27 Artist Info: Composers | Players

Lainie Fefferman Big Breath (2013)* – Sextet
Andrew Hamilton (IR) Love and Goodness (2013)* – Creative Brass Band
Enno Poppe (DE) Zug (2008)** – Zug Septet
Chris McIntyre Dedifferentiation No. 1 (2013)* – Sextet & UllU
Filippo Perocco (IT) vertigo parla* – Creative Brass Band
Anthony Coleman Acute Coryza (2009) – Sextet
Mario Diaz de Leon Bellum (2013)* – Zug Septet
Jon Gibson Multiples (1972) – TILT Brass tutti
* = world premiere
** = US premiere

Conductor: Ted Hearne
Trumpet: Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Chris DiMeglio
Trombone: Jen Baker, Jacob Garchik, Chris McIntyre, Will Lang
Horn: David Byrd-Marrow, Jason Sugata
Tuba: Joe Exley, Dan Peck
Percussion: Chris Nappi, David Shively

UllU: Chris McIntyre & David Shively

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Location: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  [MAP]
2012-13 Season TILT 10 Roulette