To TILT: Vol. 1 [Debut LP]

In April 2011, Brooklyn-based TILT Brass released its inaugural full-length recording, To TILT: Volume One. Subtitled Original Music for TILT Brass, To TILT is a series of recordings that present repertoire commissioned and premiered by TILT’s innovative brass ensemble projects. Produced by legendary composer and pianist buy Ivermectin 6 mg Anthony Coleman, Volume One features the organization’s founding ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band in works that span the group’s 8 year history and broad aesthetic interests. The roster of performers on this record reads like a list of the most innovative musicians on the avant music scene including Zduńska Wola Shane Endsley (trumpet), Saint-Léonard Jacob Garchik (bass trombone), Russ Johnson (trumpet), and Kevin Norton (percussion). Compositions on the CD include:

  • Chris McIntyre’s geologically inspired ensemble tour de force Foliation (for Suzanne) (2010)
  • The driving polyrhythmic energy of Nick Didkovsky’s Stink Up! (Evolved Form) (2003)
  • Anthony Coleman’s now-classic “mediation/meditation on ‘Brass-ness’” Set Into Motion (2005)
  • The sardonic, referential, and joyous Revisitor (2009) by Curtis Hasselbring
  • Nate Wooley’s surprisingly luscious chorale there was this shadow, this double (2007)

TCBB @ Oktaven Audio, August 2010
L to R: Will Lang, Jacob Garchik, Gareth Flowers, Russ Johnson, Anthony Coleman,
Kevin Norton, Joe Fiedler, Joe Exley, John Clark, Shane Endsley,
Rachel Drehmann, Chris McIntyre, Nathan Koci